Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Long time, no blog!!
Over the last few weeks, I've been intending to blog- however, work has gotten the best of me and, frankly, I've had nothing interesting to blog about. How sad!

Recently, my BFF, Kelly, came to the City by the Bay for a conference on money making. Or money laundering. Or something like that. (Aside- the only things I know about Kelly's job is that "If the market is open, I work." and that she moves cash around for high roller types. In the end, she's kind of a big deal).
Moving on...We wanted to take BFF to a cool restaurant so I resorted to one of my favorite websites, I read reviews and discovered that the head chef at Circa was none other than Erik Hopfinger from Top Chef Chicago. Hoorary! A real live reality TV star! Excellent Smithers!

Hubby and I meet BFF at the restaurant and it's kind of swanky. It looks a little like the inside of the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Vegas- minus the girls in bootie shorts serving cocktails and the perpetual c loud of cigarette smoke. We are seated and BFF promptly orders a bottle of wine. I knew there were reasons why I really liked her, besides the fact that she is a rockstar.

As far as food goes, we got mini sliders with truffles, lobster mac and cheese, fried chicken, lobster corn dogs,and calamari. I, unfortunately, had to send the calamari back because, one, the sauces it came with it were terrible and, two, we found a hair on the plate. AH!!! Otherwise, our food was awesome. Our favorite dish was the lobster corn dog and, ironically, Chef Erik was voted off of Top Chef because he made corn dogs that were soggy! Bogus! I think he was framed.

In the end, I had a full tummy and a great wine-induced idea. I wanted to meet the Psuedo-Celebrity chef and take a picture. So, I said to our waitr ess, "We are big nerds and watch a lot of reality tv so we were hoping to meet the chef and take a picture." She kind of laughed and said, "No problem!" Chef Hopfinger came out and asked us how our meal was. I managed to censor myself because I'm pretty sure I wanted to say something about the hair in the calamari. We took the picture and then I blurted out, "You got robbed on Top Chef! Soggy corn dogs?? Yeah right! You were our favorite!." Chef Hopfinger laughed and thanked us.

So, in the end, I had my first encounter with someone from reality tv. What makes reality tv stars different from the rest of us? They've already had their 15 minutes of fame...oh, and some of them can make a damn good lobster corn dog!

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