Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project X- Day 16 and 17

Someone mentioned yesterday that they heard D and I were doing "P90X." I laughed and tried to explain Project X- but really, I just failed. Anyway- here's what we're up to!

Day 16- Monday- Today was supposed to be my day off but hubby and I decided to do EA Active. Low and behold- the Wii system decided to deal us up a hearty round of squats..and lunges...and more lunges...and more lunges. Yikes.

Day 17- Tuesday- D is back in town finally so we hit the Spin class. I really felt those ten million lunges that I did yesterday! Ugh- and, we had Carrie- the teacher with the amazing arms and a sadistic streak. We worked HARD- trust me!

Today, I'm heading off on an adventure that MIGHT open some doors to more adventures. Cross your fingers!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project X- Days 11 through 15

I have been a slacker with my blog. Yowza!! I'll try to do better, I promise.
So, Project X is still in full effect, eventhough my girl, D, went on a business trip. Let me tell you, we rarely travel, so when we get the chance, we jump at it- seriously, we compete with each other for the opportunity. But I digress...Here's what's happened recently on "Project X!"

Wednesday- Day 11- D left town today so I worked out solo. First, I ran two and a half miles on the treadmill. Then, I hit the weight room. Here's what I did (two sets of each):
1. Push-ups (15 reps- on my toes, thank you very much)
2. Step-ups with 10 lb dumbbells (90 second sets- these made me SWEAT!!)
3. Clean and press- 20 lb barbell (15 reps)
4. Squats with ball against the wall (20 reps)
5. Low pulley row- 40 lbs (15 reps with 40, 15 reps with 50)
6. Crunches- (20 reps)
7. Plank (1 minute each)
8. Dumbbell curls with 10 lb dumbbells (15 reps)
9. Tricep pushdown with rope- (15 reps with 25 lbs, 15 reps with 30 lbs)
10. Walking lunges (20 reps)

Thursday- Day 12-Ugh- I was SO TIRED- I took today off

Friday- Day 13- This was my normal day off- so I took it too

Saturday- Day 14- Today was my marathon training run with my awesome group. Today, we ran a fun, flat, six miles. The weather cooperated and, overall, it was amazing!

Sunday- Day 15- i went to the gym, solo again, and did 30 minutes on the elipitical trainer. I intentionally upped the resistance on the machine because, as usual, I really wanted to feel it- and sweat!! After 30 minutes, I did three one-minute planks and a set of crunches. Then, I headed home and hubby and I did a workout on our Wii EA Active. It focused mostly on upper body so we did a lot of bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, upright rows, shoulder presses, and rows. It's always fun to work out with hubby too!

Tomorrow, I have a scheduled rest day but may do the EA Active program again- it's not that intense, and, again, it really is a lot of fun!

So- that's the update for Project X. I can't wait for D to get back so I can kick her butt...err...work out with her in the gym!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project X- Days 9 and 10

Hello from the sweaty recesses of the gym!!! Here is a progress update for Project X.

Monday- Day 9- Like last Monday, today was a scheduled day off. In turn, I decided to eat my weight in sour gummy dinosaur eggs. Oops. I also needed to roll out the muscles in my back with my foam roller. I was pretty sore!

Tuesday- Spin class. I don't know if it was because it was raining so the classroom was really humid, or just because I am a weenie today but this class was...So. Hard.

And no- this video isn't a nod to what a Bad A$$ I am or anything like that...literally, the class was just really hard!!

Tomorrow- weight room- let's see what tricks I have up my sleeve!!