Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project X- Day 16 and 17

Someone mentioned yesterday that they heard D and I were doing "P90X." I laughed and tried to explain Project X- but really, I just failed. Anyway- here's what we're up to!

Day 16- Monday- Today was supposed to be my day off but hubby and I decided to do EA Active. Low and behold- the Wii system decided to deal us up a hearty round of squats..and lunges...and more lunges...and more lunges. Yikes.

Day 17- Tuesday- D is back in town finally so we hit the Spin class. I really felt those ten million lunges that I did yesterday! Ugh- and, we had Carrie- the teacher with the amazing arms and a sadistic streak. We worked HARD- trust me!

Today, I'm heading off on an adventure that MIGHT open some doors to more adventures. Cross your fingers!

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