Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ik in 2K10- Never Satisfied!

So- last week was HOT HOT HOT. This week, on the other hand, was windy and chilly. I am never satisfied with the weather, it seems. Nonetheless, this week was great for running, although the midpoint was slightly rough.

Ran 4 miles with hubby. Today was a GREAT run- we both felt quite strong. We also were sort of speedy!

Hubby's IT Band seems to be acting up so he took this one easy. I managed to complete 3.51 miles. The wind was in my face heading out and coming home. How does that work??

Once again, I found myself to be exhausted by the middle of the week. I think last week's 20 miler, plus all of the fun I've been having (weddings, birthday parties) was taking its toll on me. Although I wasn't happy about it, I took these three days off.

Today was funny. All week, I knew that I had 15 miles on the schedule but since I'd run 20 the week before, 15 seemed like nothing. I didn't really prepare like I normally do (laying out my clothes and making my Cytomax on Friday). This morning, it all of a sudden hit me that 15 miles is still a LONG way. Luckily, the course was pretty flat and the weather was cool. My group and I ran our 15 miles (actually, we somehow ended up with 15.6) and then I decided to run home. THIS IS NOT SUGGESTED, BY THE WAY! Don't just "tack on" miles- or so says my coach. Anyway, I ended up with 17.5 miles today and, really, I felt great!

Total for the week:
25 miles- this put me over 300 miles for the year. I'm well on my way to running 1k in 2k10!!

Until next time!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

1k in 2k10- It Wasn't Pretty

This week was quite an adventure! I managed to get all of my planned runs in, although at least one was, quite frankly, a sh@t show...

Ran 3.75 miles with hubby. The weather was great, although it was kind of windy.

Although we didn't run today, today is very pertinent to the rest of the week. Hubby and I didn't feel like running so we decided to work out with one of our Wii games. I'd received the Biggest Loser game for Christmas and hadn't tried it yet, so we put it in and tried it out. We did a 30 minute full body workout on the 'moderate' level. Oh. My. Goodness. I am in fairly good shape and I was DYING. There was sweat pooling in my ears. This workout was INTENSE!!

Although we were extremely sore from our Biggest Loser Workout, hubby and I ran a FAST 4 miles. Again, I could have done without the wind!

Ugh- nothing about this day made me want to run. I was tired and still VERY sore. Hubby wasn't interested in it either but I needed to get 2.25 miles in to meet my weekly goal. We went out and ran a pitiful 2.5 miles as a snail's pace.

Rest- note, I was STILL SORE from the Biggest Loser.

Today my training plan called for a 20 mile run. I wasn't worried about the distance but, the forecast called for clear skies and warm temperatures. That kind of weather is great for hanging out at the beach but not so great for running 20 miles. This run would test me, that's for sure.

I arrived at the meeting point at 7:00 AM and it was already getting hot. Our trainees gathered and Dean Karnazes addressed our group. He talked about running 50 marathons in 50 states, over 50 days. His 50th marathon was the New York City Marathon and his goal was to beat P.Diddy (which he did).  He also has run the Badwater Ultramarathon NINE times. The first time, he 'saw' an old miner wandering through the dessert asking him for water. As Dean poured some of his water out into the miner's gold pan, the water hit the ground. He realized then that he was hallucinating!

After Dean's pep talk, we started running. We headed over the Golden Gate Bridge where the winds were so strong- it made running very difficult. When we made across the bridge, a number of my runners decided that they'd head home after going back across the bridge. The rest of us continued on our route.

It turned out that I was the only runner in our group that was planning to run 20 miles. I decided I would run the shorter route of thirteen miles (the training run for folks planning to run the half-marathon) and then I'd stop by my car and pick up my iPod and tack on an extra seven miles.

As we neared the ten mile mark, all but one runner and another pacer in my group had called it quits. The route was very hilly and the sun was relentless. It was tough to find a cool or shady spot along this run. The trainee and the other pacer decided to walk and I ran ahead.

I stopped in a public restroom to fill my water bottle and then headed out to finish the 13 miles. As I neared the stopping point, I reached into my waist pack and felt...nothing. My water bottle was missing. At the exact same moment, I felt a sharp pain in my achilies. Awesome.

I made it back my car and made a split second decision that I would drive my car back down to the public restroom where I'd stopped, just in case I'd left my water in there. Sure enough, my water bottle was sitting, untouched, on the sink in the restroom. At that point I decided I'd try to tack on a few more miles.

I ran along the ocean because I found there was a nice breeze there. When I got tired of running there, I found some shady, flat streets. I zig zagged around this neighborhood for a while and then went back by the water. I literally ran in circles, trying to stay cool. Eventually, I looked at my Garmin and noticed that I had less than 3 miles to go to reach 20. I decided to go for it.

I ended up taking a bunch of walk breaks but just before I got back to my car, I completed the 20 miles. I started screaming, "I did it! I did it!" Yes, people saw me and probably thought I was bananas. I couldn't celebrate for long, though, as a woman wanted my parking space.

My drive home was interesting. I probably should not have been driving- I was kind of out of it. I did start to feel really sick, though and just concentrated on not throwing up in my car. I didn't don't worry.

I can't even explain how proud of myself I am that I actually completed those 20 miles. I really wanted to quit several different times but I managed to hang in there!

Total weekly mileage:
30.25 miles

Next week is a down week- out long run is only 15 miles. Let's hope for some cooler temperatures, ok?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

1k in 2k10- Exhausted

This week was rough. I most definitely didn't meet my mileage goal this week but I suppose I have a good reason. For the past several years, I've had night terrors. Night terrors are very vivid nightmares in which I see things or people that aren't really there. I usually am in some state between asleep and awake and I interact with the things or people- generally screaming at them or trying to hide or get away from them. Over this past week, I had a night terror that the house was on fire and I saw smoke coming into our room. I also had one about some creature that was jumping around the room. In the past, they've included an earthquake, a refrigerator falling through the ceiling, people breaking in, spiders all over the bed, etc.

When I have a night terror, I usually don't remember anything about it in the morning. My husband has to fill me in. They also interrupt my sleep significantly. This week, I had a number of them and I was left absolutely exhausted. I worked from home two days because I was just so tired. So, my running was also impacted a great deal.

After the long weekend, I felt great and went out with hubby. We ran 3.5 miles around our neighborhood. I felt like we could have run 10. Considering the rest of the week, we probably should have.

Too tired to move

Too tired to think

Too tired to blink but I also learned my lesson about running on Fridays before a long run.

The marathon training group had 18 miles on the schedule. The weather was strange in that is started out foggy, cool, and drizzling. As the run continued, however, the sun burned off the clouds and we had a scorcher on our hands. Two of the runners in my group had significant injuries so we were quite the bunch. We ended up cutting a bit off of the end of our run and ultimately ran 17.5 miles. I'm good with that.

Total for the week:
21 miles (I'm glad I have some extra miles banked from previous weeks!)

Next Saturday, my group has the first 20 miler of the training program. Check back as the 20 milers are always an adventure! I'm sure I'll have lots to say!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ik in 2K10- Might as well have been on the sun

This week, it was really tough for me to get out and run. I felt tired, run down, and overall I just wasn't having it. At the same time, I am determined to meet my 1000 mile goal so I made myself get out there and run. Here's a recap.

I had an extremely busy weekend last week as I had to go in to work. On Monday, I had a rush of motivation so I convinced hubby to come out an run with me. We tackled a very speedy 4 miles.

Hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week so we made plans to go out of town on Tuesday and Wednesday. Before we left, I got up early and turned out another 3 miles.

Since I was gone on Wednesday and needed a vacation from my vacation on Thursday, I HAD to run 3 miles on Friday if I planned to hit my weekly mileage goal. By far, this was one of the WORST runs I've ever completed. I literally hit the 3 mile mark several blocks away from my house and decided that enough was enough and walked the rest of the way. It was absolutely awful in so many ways.

The marathon training group did not have an official run this week because of the holiday but one of the coaches put together a run anyway. A lot of people ended up coming out so it may as well have been a team run! Our training plan called for 18 miles but it was so hot outside that some people in my group peeled off early and did fewer miles. My group kept trudging on, although most of us were in pain and extremely tired. We finally got back to our starting point and my Garmin indicated that we'd completed 17.68 miles. I'll take it.

So, for the week, my mileage total is:
27.79 miles! I'm still meeting my goals!

Friday, May 28, 2010

1k in 2k10- Crazy busy week

I work at a University and last week was finals week. That meant that last week was also time for all of the students to pack up and go home. That ALSO meant that I worked a crazy long week. I still managed to get my mileage in however. I was VERY proud of myself!

On Monday, it rained so I hit the treadmill at the gym. I intended to run 3 miles but when I was over 2 miles into my run, the fire alarm went off! We all evacuated the gym. When I got back inside, I figured that I my allotted 30 minutes (our gym has a limit on the time you can spend on a cardio machine) started over! So, I ran a total of 4 miles!

I got up early and ran 3.3 miles around my neighborhood.

I did NOT want to run at all today but hubby and I decided that we'd run to...wait for it...a local cupcake store! That was super motivating and we ran 3.21 miles.

I had to work on Saturday so I was so happy when the coach from the marathon training program proposed something to the marathon trainees and pacers. He was going to run 24 hours to raise money for cancer research. He would start at 10:00 AM on Friday and end on Saturday. He wanted people to sign up to run with him so I took and afternoon shift. I ran a 14 mile loop with my coach and some other runners and then tacked on an additional 2 to get to my mileage goal for the week. The guys I was running with were a little faster than I am but I was proud of myself for keeping up!

Total for the week:

I'm still on track!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

1k in 2k10- Injury Version

Overall, this week I completed my required 25 miles but not without some trouble. You see, what happened was...

On our 13 miler last Saturday, I thought my achilles tendon was acting up. I had some soreness and tightness in my lower leg as we finished the run. By the time I got home, I was limping. Oh no!!

I took my ice bath and then proceeded to ice my leg. Pretty quickly, I realized that the pain was not in the back of my foot, where my achilles lives, but rather on the inside of my leg, about an inch or two above my ankle bone. After Googling a bit, I determined that my issues stemmed from my soleus, or the smaller of the two muscles that comprise the calf. Over the course of the week, I did run but I also iced and massaged my soleus. I took two full days off and by today, Saturday, I felt great.

I felt great, that is, until I got eleven or so miles into today's fourteen mile run. I set up an appointment with my MD and I'm hoping to get referred to a Sports Medicine Doctor. In the meantime, I'm going to continue treating my leg and hope for the best.

Here's my mileage for the week!

I set out to run three miles. My day at work was rough so I ended up doing five and a half. Oops.

Rest day

I wanted to try and finish up my weekly mileage today so I could rest my leg for two whole days. I ran three and a quarter miles in the morning and another three and a quarter miles in the afternoon.

Thursday and Friday:
Rest days

Unfortunately, all of the other pacers and I turned our Garmins off at some point in the run, therefore our mileage tracking was not accurate today. I know we landed around 14.2 miles, though.

Total miles for the week:

Cross your fingers that my leg cooperates this week!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Can I Get Your Number?

...Your number of miles completed this week, that is!

This week, I felt great on all of my runs. I'm really happy with my performance.

Today, I ran twice again, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I decided to try out a few new routes and really had fun. Total, I ran 7.5 miles today!

Rest Day

Again, I tried a new route and added a new play list on my iPod. I completed 3.3 miles and my average pace was 10:37 minutes per mile. For me, that's BLAZING FAST!

Today, I did another 3.3 miles and this time, my pace was 10:11 minutes per mile. Wow! Somethings gotten in to me!

Rest Day

Today, I was assigned to a faster pace group- not much faster, but faster nonetheless. We completed 13.02 miles and our pace was 11:53 minutes per miles. We did two tempo miles and tackled a couple gnarly hills...why must there always be hills?? Anyway, I was so proud of my group who, again, killed this run!

Weekly total:
27.12 Miles

I'm on my way to 1k in 2K10!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mileage Check!

Last week, I posted that in order to meet my goal of running 1000 miles in 2010, I'd need to complete 25 miles per week. Let's see how we did this week:

I ran 6.15 miles but I had to do it over 2 runs. In th morning, I ran 3 miles and went back put after work for 3 more.

No running but did an arm workout on EA Active.

I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill. I intended to go back out for 2 more but that didn't happen.

I ran 3 miles, again on the treadmill.

Rest day

Today, I ran with my SF Marathon training group. We had 13 miles on the schedule. Again, someone managed to create a route that was mostly uphill. At one point, I forgot to start my GPS watch so my time and distance wasn't accurate so I had to go home and map it out on GMaps Pedometer. GMaps said we ran 13.23. Oops- I guess I gave my training group a little extra mileage. Today, I also took my first ice bath of the year! Check out the pics!

So- my total mileage for the week is: 25.48 miles!! Goal accomplished!

Let's hope I can keep this up!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Mileage Check- 1000 in 2010

In January, I made a goal to run 1000 miles in 2010. The first four months of this year have been not-so-stellar, running-wise, so I thought I'd check my progress this morning. While I'm definitely not where I SHOULD be on April 26, my goal is still attainable.

Here are my (kind of embarrassing) stats:

Miles completed so far: 110
Miles to go: 890
Weeks remaining (including this one): 36
Miles per week needed to achieve goal: 24.7
Miles so far this week: 6 (but I have 19 more planned)

So- there you have it. I know I can hit my goal, barring any injuries. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project X- 12 Miles, Uphill...BOTH WAYS!!

So, you know the cliche that everyone attributes to their parents or grandparents; the one about walking through the snow to school, uphill both ways? Well, I'm starting to think that we should lay off of them. I'm pretty sure that our grandparents went to school in the middle of the 12 mile route that I ran today. Why do I think so? Because, miracle of miracles, someone figured out how to map a run that resulted in us running UPHILL for, I'm not kidding, 95% of the route.

I never thought that this was possible but, it happened. We started at Baker Beach and ran up a series of steep hills to get to a trail head of Lands End Trail. Lands End Trail is GORGEOUS- but hilly. There's a staircase in the middle of it. Then, we had a little reprieve and ran a brief downhill by the Cliffhouse Restaurant. Then, we entered Golden Gate Park which, in and of itself, is a long, gradual hill. Great. My poor group was struggling because not only were we tackling hill after hill, but it was getting HOT outside.

Most of my pace group is running the half-marathon and they broke off from me and one other trainee at one point so they could complete nine miles. The other trainee, L, and I were determined to smash the twelve miler so we trudged on. We were lucky for a little bit as we had a good stretch of flat, shady road in front of us. Turns out, that would be it for "easy" terrain. We found ourselves climbing steep street after steep street. We turned into a golf course parking lot (it was on our route- we didn't get lost :o) ) only to find that this was another hill.

Finally, we reached the last mile and discovered that it was all completely....down hill. However, it wasn't gradual, relaxing, or even comfortable. This downhill was steep and our bodies ached with every step. The impact on this downhill literally sent shock waves through my muscles. I was cursing the coaches, the designer of the route, the sun, the person that invented running...pretty much everyone and everything at this point.

Eventually, it ended. And L and I had enough gas in our tanks to finish with a little burst of sprinting. Once we checked in with the coordinator of the run, though. we both basically collapsed to the ground and made a feeble attempt to stretch our destroyed legs.

So, the moral of the story is- maybe Grandma was telling the truth about her trek to school, uphill, both ways. It suddenly seems so much more feasible...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project X- Reloaded

Hello from rainy San Francisco...ugh. You probably think that they rained has washed away all momentum that I was gaining doing Project X. Well, you'd be right IF I didn't jump back on the horse this week and start kicking a$$ in the gym again.

So- why have I been on Project X hiatus? First, I was out of town for a week in Boston and, in all seriousness, I did work out while I was there. I ran and lifted weights, as well as did a few workouts on the eliptical trainer. Then, my friend D hurt herself and was out of commission for a few days. It's not that I can't work out by myself but it is helpful to have a buddy to hold you accountable. So, during that time, again, I worked out on my own a few times- but not at the intensity that I was reaching with Project X. Finally, my hubby and I visited my parents for a long weekend over Easter. While I was there, I made the mistake of weighing myself on their scale. Let's just say that I hope that their scale is highly inaccurate or else I'm in deep trouble.

So- I'm back on the horse. Earlier this week, I completed the Jillian Michael's Last Chance Workout DVD and it lit a fire under me. Then, on Friday, I talked to my friend S who asked if I would write her a workout for her arms. We agreed to meet on Sunday morning and I'd take her through it. D has also recovered from her injury so she came too.

First, though, I had to pace with my marathon training group on Saturday. This week we tackled nine miles. Ugh- my longest run this season has been seven miles- so it wasn't that big of a jump, but still- nine miles is a long way. To make things even more interesting, all of the runners that I pace have been trained so well that they have moved to faster pace groups, leaving me with no one to pace! So, I decided to just run with a faster group as well. In all, it was a pretty challenging run with some steep hills but the trainees did great- or else they are all really good actors.

So, today, I hit the gym a little early and completed a quick 20 minute workout on the eliptical trainer. Then S and D showed up and we got to work. This is what we did (be warned, it was intense):

Push-ups (2 sets of 15)
Staggered arm push-ups (1 set of 30)
Up and Down planks (completed as many as possible)
Dumbbell chest press on an exercise ball (2 sets of 15)
Bicep curls (1 set of 15 and 1 set of "7's")
Tricep dips (2 sets of 15)
Tricep press down (2 sets of 15)
W shoulder press with a leg extension (2 sets of 15)
Single leg front raise (2 sets of 15)
Side raise (2 sets of 15)
Stork stance chest fly (2 sets of 15)

...I think that's it- although it felt like we did about a million exercises- I'm so tired!

So- that's the update. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to run but it's going to rain. I guess that means I'll be on the treadmill. Tuesday, I will try to hit a spin class and Wednesday, I'll lift again with S and D. Barring any disasters, I'm really going to stick to this...I hope...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project X- Day 16 and 17

Someone mentioned yesterday that they heard D and I were doing "P90X." I laughed and tried to explain Project X- but really, I just failed. Anyway- here's what we're up to!

Day 16- Monday- Today was supposed to be my day off but hubby and I decided to do EA Active. Low and behold- the Wii system decided to deal us up a hearty round of squats..and lunges...and more lunges...and more lunges. Yikes.

Day 17- Tuesday- D is back in town finally so we hit the Spin class. I really felt those ten million lunges that I did yesterday! Ugh- and, we had Carrie- the teacher with the amazing arms and a sadistic streak. We worked HARD- trust me!

Today, I'm heading off on an adventure that MIGHT open some doors to more adventures. Cross your fingers!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project X- Days 11 through 15

I have been a slacker with my blog. Yowza!! I'll try to do better, I promise.
So, Project X is still in full effect, eventhough my girl, D, went on a business trip. Let me tell you, we rarely travel, so when we get the chance, we jump at it- seriously, we compete with each other for the opportunity. But I digress...Here's what's happened recently on "Project X!"

Wednesday- Day 11- D left town today so I worked out solo. First, I ran two and a half miles on the treadmill. Then, I hit the weight room. Here's what I did (two sets of each):
1. Push-ups (15 reps- on my toes, thank you very much)
2. Step-ups with 10 lb dumbbells (90 second sets- these made me SWEAT!!)
3. Clean and press- 20 lb barbell (15 reps)
4. Squats with ball against the wall (20 reps)
5. Low pulley row- 40 lbs (15 reps with 40, 15 reps with 50)
6. Crunches- (20 reps)
7. Plank (1 minute each)
8. Dumbbell curls with 10 lb dumbbells (15 reps)
9. Tricep pushdown with rope- (15 reps with 25 lbs, 15 reps with 30 lbs)
10. Walking lunges (20 reps)

Thursday- Day 12-Ugh- I was SO TIRED- I took today off

Friday- Day 13- This was my normal day off- so I took it too

Saturday- Day 14- Today was my marathon training run with my awesome group. Today, we ran a fun, flat, six miles. The weather cooperated and, overall, it was amazing!

Sunday- Day 15- i went to the gym, solo again, and did 30 minutes on the elipitical trainer. I intentionally upped the resistance on the machine because, as usual, I really wanted to feel it- and sweat!! After 30 minutes, I did three one-minute planks and a set of crunches. Then, I headed home and hubby and I did a workout on our Wii EA Active. It focused mostly on upper body so we did a lot of bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, upright rows, shoulder presses, and rows. It's always fun to work out with hubby too!

Tomorrow, I have a scheduled rest day but may do the EA Active program again- it's not that intense, and, again, it really is a lot of fun!

So- that's the update for Project X. I can't wait for D to get back so I can kick her out with her in the gym!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project X- Days 9 and 10

Hello from the sweaty recesses of the gym!!! Here is a progress update for Project X.

Monday- Day 9- Like last Monday, today was a scheduled day off. In turn, I decided to eat my weight in sour gummy dinosaur eggs. Oops. I also needed to roll out the muscles in my back with my foam roller. I was pretty sore!

Tuesday- Spin class. I don't know if it was because it was raining so the classroom was really humid, or just because I am a weenie today but this class was...So. Hard.

And no- this video isn't a nod to what a Bad A$$ I am or anything like that...literally, the class was just really hard!!

Tomorrow- weight room- let's see what tricks I have up my sleeve!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project X- Days 5,6,7, and 8

So- call me a liar...I haven't posted about Project X in a few days. My bad!

Thursday- D and I hit another spin class this morning. The tension on my bike was a little wonky- a tiny turn in the tension knob would make me feel like I was riding up Mount Everest!! Seriously- I had to pay such close attention to my bike it kind of took the fun out of the class. Oh well.

Friday- Day off! Today was a scheduled day off for both D and I. We deserved it!

Saturday- Yikes...I'm a slacker. I was supposed to go running today with my marathon training group BUT when I woke up, it was raining. I'm not about to get wet, cold, and potentially sick, so I didn't go. Oops. D, on the other hand, went to her hula class. Good for her!

Sunday- I wanted to sweat today- like, a lot. I went to the gym early and hit the elliptical for 30 minutes on the "hills" program. Yikes! Then I still had some time to burn before D showed up so, I did the treadmill, increasing the incline and speed every minute until I reached incline 11 and speed 4.0. After 15 minutes, I jumped off and then D arrived. Here was the workout I put us through (again, we did 2 sets of everything)

1. Push-Ups (15 reps) (I DID MOST OF THESE ON MY TOES!)
2. Squats with a body ball, against the wall (15 reps)
3. Sumo Squats- (15 reps- one set with a medicine ball shoulder press and one set with a calf raise)
4. Dumbbell press on a body ball (15 reps)
5. Dumbbells fly with a crunch on a body ball (15 reps)
6. W shoulder press with leg extension (15 reps)
7. Tricep dips on a bench (20 reps)
8. Tricep press down with a rope (15 reps)
9. Side plank (30 seconds each side)
10. Plank (30 seconds)
11. Crunches with punches (20 reps)
12. Ankle taps (15 reps)

Phew- just writing it down makes me tired...again...

So, I'm hoping this week will look a lot like last week, only with a few more runs thrown in on my part. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project X- Day Four!

Hit the weight room this morning with D, after I put in a quick 2 mile run on the treadmill. We did arms and shoulders- a "tank top workout," if you will! Here is what we did:

1. Tricep dips on a bench
2. Bicep curls
3. Single leg front raises
4. Upright rows
5.Stork stance chest fly
6. Lateral shoulder raises
7. Crunches
8. Walking plank

Let me tell you that I had never DONE a walking plank before- and I may never do one again. Basically, you get into a full plank position and then "walk" your hands, first to one side, and then to the other. It's incredibly difficult. D and I laughed A LOT while we struggled through them!

Tomorrow- spin class, Lord willing!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project X- Day Three

For those of you that are counting- today is day three of Project X- the "get my butt back in the gym while helping out a friend" initiative. Day two, yesterday, was a rest day...and we needed it!

This morning, we hit a spin class at our gym. I walked in fifteen minutes before the class was supposed to start and snagged the LAST two open bikes. People are eager to work out at the crack of dawn, I see. Anyway, the teacher has these amazing biceps- I'm seriously jealous of her. Someday...

Ok- so, call me a wimp but the class was really difficult! I hope the teacher was just really trying to kick our butts because, well, she did. I had to lower the tension on my bike more times than I can count. Maybe I should have kept that a secret...

So, tomorrow- day FOUR- we'll be hitting the weight room again to do upper body. I'm also going to throw a quick run in there. Wish me luck- I may not be mobile tomorrow thanks to the spin teacher with the perfect arms!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project X- Day One (AKA Project Freak!!!)

As promised, today was the kick-off of my project(s). My friend, D, asked me to help her develop a work out program. Since I'm hoping to get my personal trainer certification soon (despite the one stupid, difficult test that's in my way), I told her I would. So- we've named that adventure, Project X- because I wasn't feeling that creative and, again, I'm hooked on all things Shaun White.

My selfish motive for helping her, though, is to get myself back into the gym. I ran 5 miles this Saturday, and while it was not difficult, it also wasn't as EASY as it should be. I feel like I've been slacking and just want to hit the weights and cardio hard. Therefore, in honor of yesterday's post, I've named my personal project Project Freak.

To keep myself accountable on both projects, I've decided I'll post about our workouts, my feelings, progress, and any funny incidents that are by-products of the project(s)- as I'm sure there will be. I can't seem to do anything without it turning into a circus!!

So- today was Day One. I headed to the gym earlier than I was to meet D because I wanted to get a quick run in. I hit the treadmill for a pathetic two miles- it was pretty slow-going- I did run yesterday, though. Then, when D arrived, she warmed up on the treadmill on an incline. Then, we proceeded to the weight room. Here was our workout (we did 2 sets of 15 reps of most of these exercises):

Walking lunges
Chest fly
Low rows
Leg press (2 sets 30- 10 reps in each of three different positions)
Hamstring curls
Incline chest press
Clean and press
shoulder raises
Bicep curls
Tricep push-down
Lower back extension
Plank pose
Oblique crunches

Phew!! Tomorrow, we're taking a rest day and then Tuesday and Thursday, we'll hit a spin class. On Wednesday, I plan to lead D through another strength training workout. I also have to throw some runs into all of this for myself!!

Oh- and don't think that any of this scares me- it makes me crazy with excitement- it's the freak in me!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project Freak...???

If you know me, in real life, you'd know that I have been strangely obsessed with Olympic Snowboarder, Shaun White. I'm talking relentless google-searching, changing my iPhone background, Tivoing all of his interviews, obsessed. So, what's the deal? The guy isn't THAT hot...

Yes, but he is THAT good. Today, I figured out that the thing that is so enchanting about Shaun White is that, literally, no one can do what he can do. He is the absolute best at what he does. Yes- there are people that are CLOSE to him in terms of skill level but, as his final Olympic snowboarding run proved, he is just the best of the best. That's kind of crazy to think about...

I was running with my group of trainees in the SF Marathon program today, and one of the remarked how much his fitness level had improved in just four short weeks since the beginning of the program. I told him that, yes, the time when a person first gets off of the couch to when they become an intermediate athlete is the time when they see the largest, and fastest, gains in fitness. I then, stupidly, said, "It's the shift from intermediate to advanced and elite that separates the humans from the freaks..." My trainee chuckled and I confirmed that he had made great gains and should be very proud of himself.

So- what's the deal...why is it so hard to go from good to great? Is it because most of us have full-time jobs, family responsibilities, school...?? According to my hubby, it's because we spend too much time on the internet. While watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies, I told hubby that I was so amazed by the athletic ability of the Chinese. China always bodes well in the summer and the winter games. Hubby says, "They're so good because they don't have Google or YouTube..." So, I guess (human)- (YouTube)= Gold Medal???

Anyway, I've determined that there's got to be something else that boosts athletes to the next level. I'm pretty sure it's something like an "x factor"- or, better yet, a "freak factor". I mean, really, Michael Phelps, Apollo Ono, Meb Keflezighi, Lindsey Vohn, etc. all work VERY hard- and yet, there are athletes that work just as hard, and just can't catch them. So- there has to be something else at play here. What is it???

Since I'm pretty certain that I DON'T have the freak factor, at least not when it comes to running, I've decided that the only way I'm going to get better is to just bust my tail. Therefore, I'm launching a new project. My friend, D, has asked me to help her work out- so, that's going to be my excuse for getting back into the gym. Once I get there though, I'm planning to just go nuts- push myself like I've never pushed myself before. It begins tomorrow....because, really, just because I don't have the freak factor, doesn't mean that I can't just be a freak.

Apollo Ono- He's A Freak Too...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back To It...

Today, I got back on my horse and ran 3.5 miles, pacing for the SF Marathon training group. It felt awesome to be the person responsible for encouraging runners who, for some, are running the furthest they've ever run. I feel like I'm back...We'll see!

This was our route today.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Can't Seem To Get It Together...

So- I have this goal- a resolution actually- to run 1000 miles in 2010. All was going well until, well, life kicked in. I have been super tired, super stressed, and super unmotivated. To make matters worse, it's cold and rainy outside. These factors, therefore, generally lead me to take refuge on my couch, under a blanket, watching reruns of the Jersey Shore.

To make matters worse, I have taken to coping with my stress by "eating my feelings!" While I'm still sticking pretty close to the Weight Watchers plan, I, admittedly, have found myself at the bottom of a bag of Cheezits (thankfully, not a Costco size bag), or gummy worms, or whatever is available, one too many times lately.

So, what's this mean? Well, first, it means that I've gained 2 pounds since before Christmas. OK, not a huge deal- I am still under my goal weight- but, I can't let it get away from me. I have definitely been down this road before where two pounds turns into 10 pounds which turns into 80 pounds.

Second, I am pacing and training for the SF Marathon and, while we are in week one of training, I need to get on the ball before the mileage starts climbing and I can't comfortably complete the miles. Oh my.

So- here's the deal. I need to recommit myself to myself. I've got to find better ways to cope with stress. I've got to get motivated to put in my miles, no matter how cold or tired I am. Now...if I just knew how to do that...

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three more miles done- What's on my playlist?

Today, I completed three more miles in the quest to run 1,000 miles in 2010. I did them on the treadmill and it was pretty boring. This might be a long year!

The thing that keeps me going, in spite of the boring treadmill, is my iPod. I got it engraved at the Nike Women's Marathon expotique (yeah, I know- warranty voided. It's ok, it was worth it) and I'm just not the same runner without it.

Currently, I have a bunch of different playlists but have literally never run with any of them except for the one entitled "Marathon Mix". It's got 174 songs on it and I have never gotten to the end of it- not even when I actually ran a marathon. Here's a taste of what I rock out to:

1. Tik Tok- Ke$ha
2. Shut It Down- Pitbull featuring Akon
3. Now I'm The B*tch- Livvi featuring Pitbull (the guy is great for running)
4. Morning After Dark- Timbaland featuring SoShy
5.Sweet Dreams- Beyonce
6.P.Y.T- Michael Jackson
7.Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie
8. Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm
9.Music Sounds Better With You- Stardust
10. List of Demand- Saul Williams

So- my musical taste is all over the place but my playlist keeps me moving! What's on your running

Friday, January 1, 2010

Three Down, Nine-Hundred Ninety-Seven To Go!

I've successfully kept my New Year's Resolution for 16 hours! I plan to run 1000 miles in 2010 (I ran 500 in 2009) and, today, ran my first three miles on my parents' treadmill. The miles came easy and my feet didn't give me any trouble- 2010 is starting out just fine!

Did you set mileage goals for the year? How do you stay on track? Do you have a plan to run your goal mileage or will you just see how it goes?