Sunday, June 6, 2010

1k in 2k10- Exhausted

This week was rough. I most definitely didn't meet my mileage goal this week but I suppose I have a good reason. For the past several years, I've had night terrors. Night terrors are very vivid nightmares in which I see things or people that aren't really there. I usually am in some state between asleep and awake and I interact with the things or people- generally screaming at them or trying to hide or get away from them. Over this past week, I had a night terror that the house was on fire and I saw smoke coming into our room. I also had one about some creature that was jumping around the room. In the past, they've included an earthquake, a refrigerator falling through the ceiling, people breaking in, spiders all over the bed, etc.

When I have a night terror, I usually don't remember anything about it in the morning. My husband has to fill me in. They also interrupt my sleep significantly. This week, I had a number of them and I was left absolutely exhausted. I worked from home two days because I was just so tired. So, my running was also impacted a great deal.

After the long weekend, I felt great and went out with hubby. We ran 3.5 miles around our neighborhood. I felt like we could have run 10. Considering the rest of the week, we probably should have.

Too tired to move

Too tired to think

Too tired to blink but I also learned my lesson about running on Fridays before a long run.

The marathon training group had 18 miles on the schedule. The weather was strange in that is started out foggy, cool, and drizzling. As the run continued, however, the sun burned off the clouds and we had a scorcher on our hands. Two of the runners in my group had significant injuries so we were quite the bunch. We ended up cutting a bit off of the end of our run and ultimately ran 17.5 miles. I'm good with that.

Total for the week:
21 miles (I'm glad I have some extra miles banked from previous weeks!)

Next Saturday, my group has the first 20 miler of the training program. Check back as the 20 milers are always an adventure! I'm sure I'll have lots to say!

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  1. Mama, You shouldn't be disappointed at all, because some people wouldn't of even had the motivation to even get close to her weekly goal. So keep up the great work mama