Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ik in 2K10- Never Satisfied!

So- last week was HOT HOT HOT. This week, on the other hand, was windy and chilly. I am never satisfied with the weather, it seems. Nonetheless, this week was great for running, although the midpoint was slightly rough.

Ran 4 miles with hubby. Today was a GREAT run- we both felt quite strong. We also were sort of speedy!

Hubby's IT Band seems to be acting up so he took this one easy. I managed to complete 3.51 miles. The wind was in my face heading out and coming home. How does that work??

Once again, I found myself to be exhausted by the middle of the week. I think last week's 20 miler, plus all of the fun I've been having (weddings, birthday parties) was taking its toll on me. Although I wasn't happy about it, I took these three days off.

Today was funny. All week, I knew that I had 15 miles on the schedule but since I'd run 20 the week before, 15 seemed like nothing. I didn't really prepare like I normally do (laying out my clothes and making my Cytomax on Friday). This morning, it all of a sudden hit me that 15 miles is still a LONG way. Luckily, the course was pretty flat and the weather was cool. My group and I ran our 15 miles (actually, we somehow ended up with 15.6) and then I decided to run home. THIS IS NOT SUGGESTED, BY THE WAY! Don't just "tack on" miles- or so says my coach. Anyway, I ended up with 17.5 miles today and, really, I felt great!

Total for the week:
25 miles- this put me over 300 miles for the year. I'm well on my way to running 1k in 2k10!!

Until next time!!

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