Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three more miles done- What's on my playlist?

Today, I completed three more miles in the quest to run 1,000 miles in 2010. I did them on the treadmill and it was pretty boring. This might be a long year!

The thing that keeps me going, in spite of the boring treadmill, is my iPod. I got it engraved at the Nike Women's Marathon expotique (yeah, I know- warranty voided. It's ok, it was worth it) and I'm just not the same runner without it.

Currently, I have a bunch of different playlists but have literally never run with any of them except for the one entitled "Marathon Mix". It's got 174 songs on it and I have never gotten to the end of it- not even when I actually ran a marathon. Here's a taste of what I rock out to:

1. Tik Tok- Ke$ha
2. Shut It Down- Pitbull featuring Akon
3. Now I'm The B*tch- Livvi featuring Pitbull (the guy is great for running)
4. Morning After Dark- Timbaland featuring SoShy
5.Sweet Dreams- Beyonce
6.P.Y.T- Michael Jackson
7.Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie
8. Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm
9.Music Sounds Better With You- Stardust
10. List of Demand- Saul Williams

So- my musical taste is all over the place but my playlist keeps me moving! What's on your running

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