Saturday, May 8, 2010

Can I Get Your Number?

...Your number of miles completed this week, that is!

This week, I felt great on all of my runs. I'm really happy with my performance.

Today, I ran twice again, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I decided to try out a few new routes and really had fun. Total, I ran 7.5 miles today!

Rest Day

Again, I tried a new route and added a new play list on my iPod. I completed 3.3 miles and my average pace was 10:37 minutes per mile. For me, that's BLAZING FAST!

Today, I did another 3.3 miles and this time, my pace was 10:11 minutes per mile. Wow! Somethings gotten in to me!

Rest Day

Today, I was assigned to a faster pace group- not much faster, but faster nonetheless. We completed 13.02 miles and our pace was 11:53 minutes per miles. We did two tempo miles and tackled a couple gnarly hills...why must there always be hills?? Anyway, I was so proud of my group who, again, killed this run!

Weekly total:
27.12 Miles

I'm on my way to 1k in 2K10!

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  1. Way to go mama!!!!!! You inspire more people than you know