Saturday, May 15, 2010

1k in 2k10- Injury Version

Overall, this week I completed my required 25 miles but not without some trouble. You see, what happened was...

On our 13 miler last Saturday, I thought my achilles tendon was acting up. I had some soreness and tightness in my lower leg as we finished the run. By the time I got home, I was limping. Oh no!!

I took my ice bath and then proceeded to ice my leg. Pretty quickly, I realized that the pain was not in the back of my foot, where my achilles lives, but rather on the inside of my leg, about an inch or two above my ankle bone. After Googling a bit, I determined that my issues stemmed from my soleus, or the smaller of the two muscles that comprise the calf. Over the course of the week, I did run but I also iced and massaged my soleus. I took two full days off and by today, Saturday, I felt great.

I felt great, that is, until I got eleven or so miles into today's fourteen mile run. I set up an appointment with my MD and I'm hoping to get referred to a Sports Medicine Doctor. In the meantime, I'm going to continue treating my leg and hope for the best.

Here's my mileage for the week!

I set out to run three miles. My day at work was rough so I ended up doing five and a half. Oops.

Rest day

I wanted to try and finish up my weekly mileage today so I could rest my leg for two whole days. I ran three and a quarter miles in the morning and another three and a quarter miles in the afternoon.

Thursday and Friday:
Rest days

Unfortunately, all of the other pacers and I turned our Garmins off at some point in the run, therefore our mileage tracking was not accurate today. I know we landed around 14.2 miles, though.

Total miles for the week:

Cross your fingers that my leg cooperates this week!

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  1. But what is impressive mama is even though you're injured you still continue to train your runners. I think that is amazing and I am so proud of you!!!!