Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project X- Day Three

For those of you that are counting- today is day three of Project X- the "get my butt back in the gym while helping out a friend" initiative. Day two, yesterday, was a rest day...and we needed it!

This morning, we hit a spin class at our gym. I walked in fifteen minutes before the class was supposed to start and snagged the LAST two open bikes. People are eager to work out at the crack of dawn, I see. Anyway, the teacher has these amazing biceps- I'm seriously jealous of her. Someday...

Ok- so, call me a wimp but the class was really difficult! I hope the teacher was just really trying to kick our butts because, well, she did. I had to lower the tension on my bike more times than I can count. Maybe I should have kept that a secret...

So, tomorrow- day FOUR- we'll be hitting the weight room again to do upper body. I'm also going to throw a quick run in there. Wish me luck- I may not be mobile tomorrow thanks to the spin teacher with the perfect arms!

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