Saturday, December 19, 2009

1k in 2k10

Four score and seven years ago, I ran a marathon and a few half-marathons...

Yeah- it's been a while. Since my last race (the Nike Women's Half Marathon in October), I've gotten custom orthotics and have rested the heck out of my stressed out sesamoid bones (those are in your feet). I think I'm ready to hit the road (or the treadmill, as the case my be) and I've set a new, and ambitious goal. I want to run 1000 miles in 2010!

This year, I ran a little over 500 miles. I also started as a beginner runner and I got hurt. I think hitting 1000 miles will be tough but I can do it! I am volunteering to be a pacer for the SF Marathong training program so that will certainly get to my goal! I'll use ths blog and to help track my progress.

Keep an eye on my blog- I'm sure my journey to 1000 miles will be entertaining- maybe moreso for you than for me!

Happy New Year!!

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