Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Think My Identity Was Stolen By A Mariner's Fan

About five minutes ago, I signed into my hotmail (aka my spam depository) and saw an email with this subject line:

"The Stars Are Aligned: The Red Sox, GIants, and Angels are Coming to Safeco Field" and it was from

So, I've definitely gotten weird email before but this was a NEWSLETTER. So, I said to hubby, "I don't even know a single guy on the Mariner's team." To which he said, "You know Ken Griffey Jr." And I said, "Oh yeah, and I know that other guy." He said, "That other guy? You mean Ichiro? The guy who's just about the best player in baseball? That guy?"

SO- I'm just saying that the Seattle Mariners should be embarrassed that I, of all people, am on a list of supposed "Mariners fans". They should be paying people to keep clueless people like me OFF of their list.

On a final note- if I stole someone's identity, I'm not sure that the first thing I'd do would be to sign up for an MLB newsletter. But that's just me...

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