Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 Mile Miracle

Today, I needed to run an easy 5 miles. It's a nice day and I was pretty psyched. I even convinced Hubby to come along (although I kind of lied initially and said I needed to do 3 miles.)

So, what made this easy run blog-worthy? I decided to try not one, but about ten new things that, if they didn't work, alone or in combination, would make my run very, very long.

First, I "fixed" my fuel belt with scotch tape (see the pic!). It's the only thing I could think of that might hold the clasp together. Second, I decided to try out my new shoes. They are the same model as my old shoes but not as perfectly broken-in. Third, I pulled out the old running skirt. Yes I have a skirt- and I run in it- well, I RAN in it. I'm significantly smaller now than when I used to run so now the skirt is too big. Finally, as I mentioned, I tricked Hubby into running 5 miles with me.

So, I had the potential to end up walking home with my fuel belt in one hand, several new blisters on my feet, my new shoes in the other hand, my skirt around my ankles, and my angry and tired Hubby grumbling about divorce lawyers behind me.

BUT- none of that happened!! My shoes felt great, my scotch tape stayed put, my skirt was a little big but I managed to not give Golden Gate Park a free show, and Hubby powered through all 5 miles.

Today was a good day.

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