Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gut It Out

Yesterday I woke up in a really bad mood. After much consideration I figured out it was because I was nervous about having to run 16 miles with my marathon training group. I mean, I had run 13 miles without much trouble but, for some reason, 16 was terrifying to me.

Now that the run is over, you might expect me to say, "It wasn't that bad." That would be a lie. It was very difficult, mostly because I had so many problems during the run. I had some blisters on my feet covered with moleskin and the moleskin came off inside my sock. Then, the clasp on the water bottle belt that I wear broke and for about a mile, I struggled with trying to fix it. My pacer then suggested that I tie the two loose ends (duh- she's so smart). So, I tied the belt around my waist and it was SO TIGHT. I struggled with trying to catch my breath for a little bit because of the water belt. And all of this was at mile 5!!!

After the water belt debacle, I had to run up the Great Highway and Point Lobos Ave, into the Presidio Golf Course. For people not from San Francisco, that equaled about a mile of uphill climb, and several flights of stairs (!!). I did manage to stop and snap a quick picture of the Sutro Baths from the top of the hill.

In the end, I finished the run and I was so proud of myself. I took my weekly ice bath (the pics are below- Mickey Mouse had to coach me through it because I stayed in for 10 minutes- a new record!). I also had to ice my knees and my arches. My poochie decided he wanted to help so he sat directly on my lap to keep me company.

This morning, I am miraculously NOT SORE. I really thought that my legs would be so sore, I'd have to amble around like Frankenstein! I guess the Mickey Mouse ice bath worked.

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