Friday, June 5, 2009

Cut Film To Vent

I am not a good cook. Hubby thinks otherwise but that's just because I'm able to follow a recipe without totally screwing it up. So, in lieu of creating wonderful gourmet dishes, we are often relegated to eating frozen dinners. Today, while I was heating up my Lean Cuisine, I read the directions, as I always do, but today, for some unknown reason, I actually thought about them. Specifically, I thought about "Step 1: Cut Film To Vent."

Not to be overly philosophical but I think "Cut Film To Vent" can be applied to humans as well. How many times have you just been irritated? Maybe not totally ticked off or ready to explode, but just annoyed. Or maybe you are teatering on the edge between a little tired and exhausted and, while you can continue to sit through that meeting, or finish that project, you know that one more annoying comment from a coworker will do you in. What we need at those moments is to have our film cut! We may not need an all out vacation but we do need to break. We need to release the steam lest we explode in the microwave (of life...hee hee).

Although I'm not stressed, or even tired, I do have a slight headache today that's making it hard to complete the items on my to-do list. I need my film cut. I was walking home from a meeting and, for the first time, I noticed all of the gorgeous, and diverse, flowers that cover my campus. Stopping to photograph them with my ever-so-technologically-advanced cell phone camera cut my film. I took a much needed breath and don't quite feel like I will lose it.

Here is the link to my photos:

A Walk Home

Other things that help "cut my film":
1. Feeling my doggie's feet on the back of my legs as he jumps up to greet me.
2. Having a long lunch with friends.
3. Finishing a long run.
4. Taking a warm bath.
5. Reading a blog.
6. Watching a reality tv show.
7. Vacuuming!
8. Eating a cupcake.
9. Going to bed early.
10. Having hubby tickle my feet.

What cuts your film?

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