Monday, June 13, 2011

Me and My Shadow

When I was training with my friend J for the Colorado 1/2 Marathon, I figured out that I have a a fairly strange source of inspiration when I'm out running. It's not some moving song on my iPod or a motivational billboard along my route. No- it's nothing like that. It' shadow. Seriously! My shadow is really inspiring!

I'm sure other people who have lost significant amounts of weight can attest to this, as well. IT IS HARD TO SEE MYSELF AS A SKINNY PERSON. There, I said it. Even two years after hitting my goal weight, it is hard. The mirror is a tricky, tricky thing.

But, when I'm out running and I look down and see my shadow, I realise everything that I've become. My shadow is...well, she's fit! And she's working hard! She's running at a faster pace than she's ever run before and, it's easy for her!

So, on days when I'm not so motivated- I'm so lucky when the sun shines in the right direction and she comes out to cheer me on!
My Shadow- She's Tall!!

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