Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A few weeks ago, I started having trouble with my iPod. This made me extremely sad as I've put it through the paces, using it for at least 3 or 4 years. I figured out that the problem was either with the battery or the software so I took it to the Apple Store closest to my home. The Apple Genius suggested I reinstall the software before plunking down 70.00 to swap it out for a new one under Apple's battery program. So, I did that.

It's now working great- except for the fact that before my long Saturday run two weeks ago, I just forgot to charge it. I took off and got about 2 miles from home and, it died. Sigh. Now, as a pacer for the SF Marathon Training Program, I wasn't allowed to wear an iPod so I'm used to running up to 22 miles, music-free. But today just needed music- I wasn't going to make it otherwise. So, I circled back around to my house and pick up my iPhone that is loaded with lots of music.

I don't have a specific running mix on my iPhone so I hit "shuffle" and off I went. Oh boy- I was in for a treat. The following is the play list that resulted from my dead iPod/iPhone shuffle experiment:

1. Hot-n-Fun, N*E*R*D
2. Wait a Minute, PCD
3. Just A Lil Bit, 50 Cent
4. Lover Lay Down, Dave Matthews Band
5. Love Lockdown, Kanye West
6.Funhouse, Pink
7. Check It out, Will I Am & Nicki Minaj
8. Wanna Move, P. Diddy
9. I'm A Slave For You, Britney Spears
10. How's It Going To Be, Third Eye Blind
11. Louisiana Bayou, Dave Matthews Band
12. P.Y.T., Michael Jackson
13. Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie
14. Army of Me, Bjork

After Rob Zombie and Bjork, I decided I'd had enough of shuffle mode and I headed home. Overall, it was a fun experiment but I was so glad to get my trusty iPod back into fighting shape!

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