Friday, December 28, 2007

My Debit Card Begs Me To Let It Get Some Rest!

After Christmas Sales + Outlet Mall = Overweight suitcases on the flight home. Yes, today I finally made it to the mall. I did very well for myself, I must say. I got great work clothes and a cute "going out" dress...wait, this means I probably need to start going out!

I did hit up the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale. I got an amazing haul for 20 bucks! Do I need more body products? Define NEED...

I also weighed in today and guess what... I LOST... Point 6 pounds. Yes, that's right, I lost six-tenths of a pound. Who loses three-fifths of a pound? Oh yeah, that's right. I do. So the race to 50 pounds lost is still on. Damn this is a long race.

No worries, no matter what I weigh, at least I'll be well moisturized.

My debit card begs me to let it get some rest!

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