Thursday, December 27, 2007

White Hot?? No- ICE COLD!

For the second time this vacation, we are snowed in. Not only are we snowed in, it is absolutely freezing outside. There will be no frolicking in the snow today, thank you very much.

I have spent the better part of the day glued to a recliner watching various reality shows. There was a Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency marathon on- I am a sucker for a marathon!

I have a hair appointment today. I will be getting a trim and maybe some color. My color is a little funky right now- and not in a "ooh you're from San Francisco" way. More in a "you kind of look like a clown" kind of way.

I still have not made it to Bath and Body Works but have made some extensive buying strategies. Hopefully I can put them into effect tomorrow.

I did, however, try some of hubby's new Jack Black hand cream. Holy smoke- this stuff is great. I wonder if hubby will notice if it goes missing.

I hope to weigh in tomorrow. Let's all hope that I finally get to 50 pounds lost. I would be exstatic. Cross your fingers- but put on gloves first, it's cold out there!

White hot?? No- ICE COLD!

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