Monday, December 31, 2007

Peace Out 2007!

As we close out 2007, I thought it might be fun to recap some of the top moments of the year. So here we go!!
#11- NYE 2006. My entire family packed up two SUVs worth of household goods- including a microwave- to spend one night in San Antonio. We danced on the Riverwalk at midnight and froze our butts off!

#10- Night of December Closing. After closing my residence hall in record time, hubby, coworkers and I killed a bottle of Red and a GREAT bottle of champagne. Then we ventured to a fabulous party at our friends' B&B's apartment.

#9-Half Marathon Finish #2. Hubby and I struggled through 13.1 miles that took us through our amazing city. It was a fast course and we finished with our fastest time. So why only a #8 ranking? I went semi-insane in the middle of the race. Bless hubby for putting up with me!!

#8- Kelly's Visit/Wine Tasting.
Hubby offered to drive BFF and I to Sonoma so we could go wine tasting. This marked the beginning of my wine obsession. We started an amazing wine collection and hubby was so sweet to drive our drunk @sses all the way home. After returning to the city, we ate Poppeye's chicken and watched the Warrior's game with B&B. A great day overall!!

#7- Half Marathon Finish #3.
Hubby and I entered the San Jose Half Marathon in October. We had a great race and it was a gorgeous day. The only downer was the GROSS gel that they passed out on the course. Hubby and I both gagged on it repeatedly. Thinking about it now makes me shudder!!!

#6-Half Marathon Finish #1.
In June, I completed the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon with the Team in Training. Hubby and I were amazed at the number of people who ran this race in support of finding a cure for Luekemia and Lymphoma. It was extremely emotional to both finish my first race and to attend the pre-race dinner and victory party. This race also inspired hubby to start participating in races with me.

#5- Etiquette Lounge Opening Night.
We drank, we danced... HUBBY danced, hubby lost his crappy cell phone, and we ended the night at Carl's Jr. because I wanted a Hot Ham and Cheese. What did I get? A Cowboy Cheeseburger. Why? Because I couldn't find Hot Ham & Cheese on the menu in my altered state. Hubby got a laugh from that for sure!

#4- Thanksgiving 2007.
My mom and dad visited us in SF and we played tourists for the weekend. We went to Cirque du Soleil, went to Napa on a wine tour, went to Sausalito, and took a Hornblower brunch cruise. The piano player on the cruise was the same one from our wedding. Mom was afraid that Hornblower would remember our wedding insanity and not allow us on the brunch cruise. Luckily, none of that happened. What a fun weekend!

#3- Colorado Rockies vs. Boston Red Sox.
Miraculously, my team, the underdogs, the Colorado Rockies had an amazing streak and wound up in the World Series. But who would be their opponants? The one and only Boston Red Sox...and who loves the Red Sox??? Hubby does, that's who! All of our friends, counselors by trade, offered up their ears, and if necessary, their couches, should this mark the end of our marraige. All of that was unnecessary, however, because the Red Sox killed my Rockies and Hubby was very kind through the entire ordeal! Who would have thought that our two teams would ever play for a national title?? We sure didn't!

#2- First Wedding Anniversary.
Our marraige had it's first birthday this year. As I took on a summer responsibility with our summer conference program, we didn't have much time to celebrate. We went to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk for the day and had a great time riding the rides.

#1- Birthday Cruise to nowhere!!
This year, my birthday consisted of a dinner out with a few friends and free champagne at Etiquette Lounge. We finished the night at B&B's eating chocolate and cheese twists- don't ask. Then we left to meet my parents on what was to be a Mexican Riviera cruise. Hurricane season dictated, however, that it would be a cruise to nowhere!!! We literally sailed in circles, stopping in Catalina Island, San Diego, and Ensenada, Mexico. We did meet some fabulous people on the trip- when you sail in circles, you can't help but meet new people, there's little else to do. On a side note, we did consume many "drinks of the day" which I deduced to be that very same coconutty, pineappley drink, each day, with different food coloring in it. Anyway, I think we'll be planning a few trips to visit our new friends in 2008!

There are so many more things that happened in 2007 that were awesome- these we just a few highlights. Let's see what I can come up with in 2008. Knowing me, hubby, and everyone we associate with, the list will be long!

Peace Out 2007!!

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