Sunday, January 6, 2008

Home Alone!

Hubby went to visit his fam in Iowa so I am home alone. How have I been keeping myself busy? Let's find out.

Friday: I only had to work a half day because they closed my University due to a huge storm. I came home and then I had a scheduled two hour power outage!! I spent my time taking a long bath and I read Janice Dickinson's newest book from cover to cover. She's really REALLY funny. There were three new shows on Lifetime- the best was "How to Look Good Naked" with Carson from Queer Eye. Definitely check it out!

Saturday- I went to Weight Watchers (see my post from yesterday!!! Woo-hoo) and then grocery shopping. Then I came home, gave myself a manicure, facial, and a pedicure. I went downtown and spent my Sephora giftcard. Then I went to the movies with my friend/coworker V. We saw Juno- YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. It is so clever yet very deep- really, you might tear up a little bit.

Sunday- I slept in (hubby will be ticked when he reads this because I usually wake up really early on weekend and he wants to sleep in). I washed dishes, I spilled an entire Lean Cuisine spaghetti all over my pants, and then I took another bath. Now I am watching a marathon of True Life on MTV.

Moral of the story?? Hubby I miss you! Life is really boring when you are gone- except for the spaghetti incident, that was slightly exciting...yet disgusting.

Home Alone!

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